Prismax LRF 10x32 with ZB Lite Pro Mount

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Prismax 10 x 32 LRF short eye relief rifle scope- suitable for air rifle and rim fire.

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Prismax 10 x 32 LRF short eye relief rifle scope- suitable for air rifle and rim fire.

The Prismax scope is a new concept in rifle shooting. It differs from traditional rifle scopes in that it uses a roof prism optic to gain superior brightness, and gains in field of view by 3 times against traditional rifle scopes.

By using roof prism optic technology, the rifle scope can also be made more compact, therefore reducing the overall length.

Traditional rifle scopes lose light due to the reduction in light transition through the scope tube. Prismax works in the same manner as most modern binoculars, giving a superior field of view.

Prismax rifle scopes come to the mil dot reticule which is illuminated for low light situations.

With traditional rifle scopes, the zeroing mechanism is built in to the scope tube, which again reduces light transmission. The Prismax designer has taken the novel concept of using a zeroing block to zero the scope, hence eliminating the need for an in-built zeroing mechanism and further increasing light transmission.

The laser rangefinder scope raises the bar for maximizing hunting efficiency by minimizing the size of the rifle scope and combining it with a laser rangefinder. The laser rangefinder is used to find the distance of your target and makes it much easier for you to zero the target for elevation and windage, maximizing your shot accuracy. Distance acquisition can be done with the click of a button on top of the scope or wirelessly controlled with a wireless rangefinder remote control, attachable to any location you desire.

Technical Specifications 

Laser Rangefinder 

Laser Class ------------------------------------------------------------------------Class 1

Laser Type --------------------------------------------------------------905 Nanometers

Measurement Range -------------------------------------------------- 10 to 750 Meters

Measurement Precision ------------------------------------------------------- ± 1 Meter

Angle Measurement -------------------------------------------------------± 60 Degrees


Reticle Illumination 

Display Type ----------------------------------------------------------- Transparent LCD

Reticle Illumination Brightness Levels ----------------------------------------- 6 Levels



Magnification --------------------------------------------------------------------10 Times

Objective Diameter --------------------------------------------------------32 Millimeters

Angular Field of View ----------------------------------------------------------5 Degrees

Exit Pupil ------------------------------------------------------------------3.2 Millimeters

Eye Relief ------------------------------------------------------------------19 Millimeters

Diopter Adjustment Range ---------------------------------------------------------- ± 8

Sighting Range -----------------------------------------------------------10 ~ ∞ Meters


Laser Rangefinder Scope 

Water Resistance Level ------------------------------------------------------------- IPX6

Operating Temperature -------------------------------- (-) 10 to + 50 Degrees Celsius

Battery Type -------------------------------------------------------Single CR123 Battery

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) ---------------------- 200 x 93 x 55 Millimeters

Weight (Without Battery) -----------------------------------------------------515 Grams


Click Adjustable Mount 

Maximum Weight to Mount

Recoilless ----------------------------------------------------------------------800 Grams

Recoil up to 250G ------------------------------------------------------------ 200 Grams

Click Value Elevation ------------------------------------------------------------- ¼ MOA

Click Value Windage -------------------------------------------------------------- ¼ MOA

Maximum Adjustment Elevation ----------------------------------------------- --90 MOA

Maximum Adjustment Windage --------------------------------------------------60 MOA

Top Weaver Rail Length --------------------------------------------------- 90 Millimeters

Lock Jaws Span -------------------------------------------------------------54 Millimeters

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) -----------------------145 x 65 x 25 Millimeters

Weight --------------------------------------------------------------------------205 Grams


Wireless Rangefinder Remote Control 

Battery Type ------------------------------------------------------ Single CR2032 Battery


Manufacturer’s Warranty 

Repair and replacement of the laser rangefinder scope, wireless rangefinder remote control, and click adjustable mount are covered for 1 year.



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Prismax LRF 10x32 with ZB Lite Pro Mount

Prismax LRF 10x32 with ZB Lite Pro Mount

Prismax 10 x 32 LRF short eye relief rifle scope- suitable for air rifle and rim fire.