What do the numbers mean?

All of the optical device names in this brochure are followed by a number - for example an NVMT Spartan 2x42. The first number relates to the magnification and the second number the diameter of the objective lens. Therefore in the example above the device has 2x magnification and a 42mm objective lens.


The measure of the angle (in degrees) defining the field visible through a night vision or day optic device.


CF Super/Gen-Super 

Yukon/Pulsar are the exclusive manufacturer of the CF Super/Gen Super image intensified system which offers good edge-to-edge definition across the field of view. Typically the difference between the centre and edge definition is not greater than 20%. 

Gen 2+ 

Pulsar’s Russian Gen 2+ systems offer excellent sensitivity to light and high resolution. They are designed to be a passive starlight device and in many conditions will not require an artificial or IR light source - crucial for security applications.

Photonis Gen 2+ Series 

Selected Pulsar product are available with Photonis image intensifier tubes:

  • Photonis Gen 2+
  • Photonis SuperGen
  • Photonis XD-4
  • Photonis XD-4 ONYX
  • Photonis XD-4AG
  • Photonis XD-4AG ONYX
  • Photonis XR5
  • Photonis XR5 ONYX
  • Photonis XR5AG
  • Photonis XR5AG ONYX

For tube specifications please contact us.


‘Digital’ is not truly a generation, there is no image intensifier tube. Instead there is a CCD or CMOS sensor (similar to a digital camera) that is optimised to the infrared spectrum.

Yukon and Pulsar’s digital night vision systems offer excellent performance and are resistant to bright light exposure.  The average life of a CCD used in a Yukon or Pulsar product is 25,000 hours. An advantage digital systems are sensitive futher in to the infrared spectrum allowing them to be used with fully cover IR iluminators.

IR Illuminators 

These are a powered light source, much like a torch, but in the near infrared range (generally 750-1000nm) that provides light for image intensified and digital night vision. Infrared light is normally invisible to the human eye, but a red glow may be visible from the illuminator’s diode. Fully covert IR illuminators are available, but can only be ‘seen’ by Gen 3 or digital systems. Many budget-priced commercial night scopes come supplied with a short-range LED IR illuminator to enhance performance in low light/total darkness. All IR illuminators are ‘active’ and can clearly be seen by anyone else equipped with a night scope. Be careful when using IR illuminators, especially lasers - their extremely concentrated high power beams can burn/damage image intensifier tubes. 

IR Illuminator Warning

The MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) of any image intensifier tube is based on its use in starlight (10-3 lux) conditions - any light level above this reduces the tube life at a faster rate. The use of a high power artificial light source - such as an infrared illuminator (IR) or gun lamp with an IR filter - is no exception. It is important that any IR illuminator illuminates the whole area visible to the image intensifier tube. The built-in protection circuits within an image intensifier can only sense illumination levels over the whole surface area of the tube. If you are only illuminating a small percentage of the... ...tube surface area, the protection circuits cannot sense this and will not protect the tube. Long term exposure to a small ... area of bright illumination - such as a laser only illuminating the central 10-20% - will result in permanent damage to the tube. This will make any warranty null and void. If you need to narrow the infrared beam width, do so for only short periods of time and then widen it again so that the whole tube imaging area is covered. Digital night vision scopes do not suffer from this risk.

Laser Technology 

Most of Pulsars NV devices are equipped with built-in laser IR iIluminators. These provide a greater viewing range and cleaner IR spot whilst consuming less power.

All Pulsar IR illuminators comply with Class 1 laser safety according to standard IEC 60825. It means that Pulsar IR illuminators can be safely used with optical observation devices.

Taking your thermal or night vision out of the country 

Night vision products are strictly controlled by ITAR regulations and are subject to UK Government Export Licensing Regulations and dependent on specification, a licence may need to be obtained prior to the export, even temporarily (e.g. holiday), from the UK. Additionally some countries may be embargoed and no thermal imagers or night vision devices can be taken or exported to them. It is the responsibility of the exporter, whether it be a company or individual, to ensure that such a licence is obtained. Failure to comply is a criminal offence. For further information visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/controlling-defence-security-and-dual-use-strategic-exports--2

Stated Viewing Ranges

Where ranges have been stated for image intensified, digital night vision or thermal they have been tested under the following conditions:

Detected object size -1.7x0.5m

Illumination level 0.05 lux, equivalent to 1/4 moonlight*

*This has no impact on the thermal imager range.

 Please Note:

It is important to realise that the performance of night vision varies from night to night and they are very sensitive to the environment they are being used in. Precipitation, humidity, fog, cloud cover, temperature and the physical area of observation all have an impact on viewing ranges.

No two image intensifier tubes are identical and consequently two of the same  night vision devices may perform differently to each other.

Product Specifications

All of the specifications are subject to change without notice at the manufacturers discretion.


All of Yukon/Pulsar’s products carry a minimum of a 3 year warranty. Please refer to the warranty card enclosed with the product for details of the specific warranty. All warranties are limited to the original purchaser and cover manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials only. Normal wear and tear is not covered, nor is damage resulting from, but not limited to, abuse, neglect, accident, improper or inadequate maintenance, battery leakage, use with non approved accessories or altering from original state. Some parts are not covered by warranty. At Thomas Jacks Ltd’s discretion, we will repair or replace the product if it is determined, by us, to be defective. There are no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Thomas Jacks Ltd shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of or in connection with product use or performance.