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When we launched the infrared (IR) illuminators, a lot of customers would ask us about our opinions on various night vision (NV) devices. Distributors of NV equipment kindly sent products for us to test our IR illuminators with, so we could better inform customers. But generally a Night Master IR lamp will enhance the performance of most NV devices. After testing night vision (and also thermal imaging) equipment, we decided to sell the models that we found worked best for Airgun, Rimfire and Centrefire shooting

Night Master started life in 2010, and like many other products and brands, it all started with an idea. The initial idea was to have a different type of hunting light, one that would be:

  • Small yet powerful

  • Able to change the colour of the beam

  • Adaptable beam

  • A ‘torch for life’, with easily replaceable parts, that won't be out-moded

This is when the Night Master 800 v1 was born, which revolutionised lamping for many night hunters. With the NM800, there was no need for big lamps, separate battery packs and coloured filters. The NM800, with its internal battery and changeable LEDs, would fit neatly into a jacket pocket. But despite its small, lightweight construction, it could pick out eyes up to 800m and allow identification up to 500m. It was the original... small torch, epic beam!

The NM800 v1 quickly became a hit with shooters and within weeks we were inundated with phone calls from gun shop owners who wanted to stock Night Master. At first, we refused to distribute the product because our intention was to sell direct to end users. However, we started to receive calls on a daily basis and so decided to do business with gun shops. We are now supplying to over 150 shops in the UK and the trader list grows every week

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items